I am a Reader at the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh. My area of interest and expertise is in chemistry education.

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Amateur History

I also try to be a historian, and have written some books:

  1. you can read about my book on the history of Enniskerry at this website
  2. A study of early school houses in County Wicklow, Ireland, is now available on Google books.

I also maintain a blog on some aspects of the history of Dublin’s streets. I’ve recently joined the Advisory Board of the journal Studies in Arts and Humanities

Michael Seery RSC HE Award 2012
With Dr Robert Parker, Chief Executive RSC and Prof Lesley Yellowlees, Past President, RSC.


School of Chemistry,
University of Edinburgh,
Joseph Black Building,
David Brewster Road,
Scotland EH9 3FJ.

E: michael.seery [AT] ed.ac.uk

Twitter: @seerymk