A lot of my bloggery is now on the Education in Chemistry blog, and this page will keep a running table of contents of my posts there:

30. Three improvements any lecturer can make: You’re a busy lecturer and haven’t time to read the education literature. But you want to do the best for your students. What three tips would I give you?

29. What does the research say about flipped teaching?: In this post I summarize some of the findings from a recent review on flipped teaching in chemistry higher education.

28. The early teaching of chemistry: This post on William Cullen, the holder of the first chemical lectureship in the British Isles, was written to coincide with the #oldtimechem theme of Real Time Chemistry Week 2015

27. Variety in Chemistry Education 2015Conference report from the 21st Variety in Chemistry Education meeting, held conjointly with the Physics Higher Education Conference. 

26. We are failing our students and society: what do students who are leaving us to pursue other careers leave with? Shouldn’t we give them some chemistry useful for their role in society?

25. We need to talk about VLEs: VLEs are set up for failure, as their main use is a content repository. This sends a false message about what online learning can be. 

24. The case for inquiry-based learning: Part II of this post – arguing for inquiry based learning. We are not in the nineteenth century any more, Toto. 

23. The case against inquiry-based learning: Part I of this post – all the evidence seems to point towards direct instruction. (Comments on this post are well worth reading)

22. Worked examples for assisting student learning: There is a significant evidence base for incorporating worked examples (as understood in terms of cognitive load theory) into our teaching and formative assessment.

21. Using video for lab reports

20. Stop motion animation to facilitate group discussion

19. There’s something about maths…

18. Teaching for transition

17. Variety in Chemistry Education conference report

16. Integrating art into the chemistry curriculum

15. Context Based Learning at #ICCE2014

14. Lots of chemistry education at #ICCE2014

13. Warming to PeerWise

12. Teaching thermochemistry

11. Learning to write about chemistry

10. Conference Report: Irish Variety in Chemistry Education

9. Translating research into classroom practice

8. Chemical Bonding Confusion

7. Conference Report: New Perspectives in Science Education

6. Screencasting: reusing existing content

5. Student posters on chemistry topics

4. The great EiC blogorama!

3. The impact of innovations in teaching

2. Preparing screencasts – a few thoughts

1. Implementing the flipped classroom


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