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A future direction for clickers?

Jan 6, 2014 | | 2 comments
student answers

Clickers are routinely used to survey class on their understanding of topics or test their knowledge with quizzes, and as technology has developed, there have been clever ways of doing this (See: The Rise and Rise…). One issue that arises is that as lecturers, we don’t have a convenient way to know what individual students [...more]

Photosynthesis Animation and Interactive Activity

Oct 10, 2013 |

A recent J Chem Ed paper (free to access) contains a link to a photosynthesis activity that might be of interest to those teaching this topic. The activity is a little difficult to get at, and when you do get it, it is a Flash file, so will not work on iOS. To get the [...more]

Lack of literature on flipped lecture rooms

Apr 16, 2013 |

Compiling literature on flipped/inverted classrooms for higher education isn’t easy. A lot of returns are of the “I couldn’t believe my ears!” type blog, which is fine for what it is, but not an academic study. Yet more literature, typically of the Chronicle or Educause type, tends to say flipped classrooms are great, and they lead on [...more]

The Application of Technology to Enhance Chemistry Education

Sep 3, 2012 | | Say something

Call for Papers Contributions are invited for a themed, peer-reviewed issue of CERP on The Application of Technology to Enhance Chemistry Education which is scheduled for publication Autumn 2013. Guest Editors: Michael K Seery and Claire McDonnell. Topics for contribution may include but are not limited to:  Blended learning to support ‘traditional’ instruction (e.g. online [...more]

Variety in Chemistry Education Meeting, 2012

Sep 1, 2012 | | Say something

Variety in Chemistry Education is one of my favourite conferences which I attend annually (2010 and 2011 reports here). This year’s meeting was held along with the Physics Higher Education Conference, providing the catchy Twitter hashtag #vicephec. The meeting was opened with a keynote by Prof Martyn Poliakoff, inorganic chemist from Nottingham, but better known [...more]

Showing Worked Examples in Blackboard Quizzes

May 21, 2012 | | 2 comments

I’ve been thinking of ways to include worked examples and hints in Blackboard VLE quizzes. Cognitive Load theory has something called the Worked Example effect, whereby learners who receive direct instruction in the form of worked examples perform better than those who don’t. The reason is attributed to providing novice learners with an approach to [...more]

8th Irish Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting

May 16, 2012 | | Say something

DIT played host to the 8th Irish Variety in Chemistry Teaching meeting, modelled on the very successful UK Variety in Chemistry Education (ViCE) meeting on Thursday May 10th. There was a workshop in the morning covering two aspects of technology in chemistry teaching; using wikis, by Claire McDonnell, who demonstrated how to set up, edit [...more]

Heat of Reaction (Calorimetry) Video

Mar 15, 2012 | | Say something

Here’s a video made to explain the concepts of reaction calorimetry carried out in school/early undergrad chemistry. It’s a simple experiment, but students sometimes find the calculations hard, especially in relation to heat loss to the calorimeter. Related Posts:Lack of literature on flipped lecture roomsVariety in Chemistry Education Meeting, 2012Showing Worked Examples in Blackboard Quizzes

8th Variety in Irish Chemistry Teaching Meeting – DIT 10th May

Mar 13, 2012 | | Say something

The Chemistry Education Research Team wish to invite you to the 8th Variety in Irish Chemistry Teaching Meeting which will be held in DIT Kevin St on Thursday 10th May 2012. The meeting is sponsored by the RSC Education Division Ireland. Programme and Call for Abstracts The aim of the meeting is to allow those [...more]

Podcasting in Chemistry Education

Feb 22, 2012 | | Say something

My article on podcasting for chemistry has hit the shelves and has made the cover of Education in Chemistry. They have put it online too for free so, click on the image to go to the article! Related Posts:8th Irish Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting8th Variety in Irish Chemistry Teaching Meeting – DIT 10th MayUsing [...more]

Using WordPress for E-Portfolios

Jan 6, 2012 | | 3 comments

The Resource Pack aims to show how WordPress web publishing platform (WordPress.org) can be a useful tool in creating and presenting e-portfolios. It aims to show what can be done technically to integrate various elements of an e-portfolio: the documentation of learning, conversation with peers and tutors, and presentation of the ‘product’ for assessment and/or feedback.[Jan 2012]

My experiences of teaching online: A case study

Jan 5, 2012 | | Say something

My paper on taking a module that was taught in class and moved online has been published in CERP (free to access). The paper aims to share my own experiences in teaching a module online so that others considering this approach might find some information of use. The paper is set against a background of [...more]

E-learning (dis)traction

Jun 14, 2011 | | 6 comments

I think the start of my teaching career coincided with the rise of the VLE. Early on, I remember being told about these new learning environments and the array of tools that would help student learning. Encouraged, in the nicest possible way, to upload material and use the institution’s expensive new toy, many lecturers complied [...more]

Jennifer Burke Award

Apr 25, 2011 | | Say something

After submitting a project on the pre-lecture resource work completed for the Teaching Fellowship, I have won the Jennifer Burke Award. This award is awarded annually by the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA) for  Innovation in Teaching and Learning. The process was quite an innovative one, and I actually got quite a lot out of [...more]

Using Pre-Lecture Resources in your Teaching

Jan 10, 2011 | | 2 comments
Using Pre-Lecture Resources in your teaching

Much of my study on educational research this year has focussed on Pre-Lecture Resources, working with Dr Roisin Donnelly at DIT’s Learning Teaching and Technology Centre and my colleague Dr Claire Mc Donnell. I’ve turned into something of an evangelist for pre-lecture resources, so in order to spread the good word, I have prepared this [...more]

Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures

Dec 12, 2010 | | 2 comments
Podcasting and Screencasting for Supporting Lectures

Prompted by my visit to Edinburgh next week to the “More Effective Lectures” workshop, I have compiled several blog posts and bits and pieces of other writing into a Resource Pack that I hope might be useful to other practitioners entitled: “Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures“. The resource is a PDF file and is [...more]

Demonstration of the iodine clock experiment

Dec 1, 2010 | | 3 comments
iodine clock thumbnail

This experiment demonstrates the iodine clock reaction between iodide and persulfate ions, using thiosulfate as the ‘clock’. After some introduction details, three experiments are performed: studying the effect of concentration to determine the orders of reactants (3:01), studying the effect of temperature to determine the activation energy (7:47) and studying the effect of solvent polarity [...more]

Teaching Fellowship Launch Presentation

Oct 11, 2010 | | Say something

The DIT 2010-2011 Teaching Fellowships were launched on 23rd September 2010, and each recipient of a Fellowship gave a presentation on the work they plan to do. It was really nice to see what others plan to do; there was a lot of variety and a lot of overlap at the same time. My presentation [...more]

Class Websites using Google Sites and Podcasting with Audacity

Oct 10, 2010 | | Say something

This presentation is a screencast of a presentation to be presented at Chem Ed Ireland 2010. It covers: what uses class websites might have overview of setting up Google Sites Example of a chemistry class website on Google Sites Uses for podcasting in education Overview of Audacity This handout accompanies the presentation. Lots more information [...more]

PreLecture Resources: Literature Examples

Sep 22, 2010 | | Say something

This post provides some short annotations to literature involving prelecture resources/activities – the annotations are a brief summary rather than a commentary: Online Discussion Assignments Improve Students’ Class Preparation, Teaching of Psychology, 2010, 37(2), 204-209: Lecturer used pre-lecture discussion activities to encourage students to read text before attending class. It had no direct influence on [...more]