10 Guiding Principles for Learning in the Laboratory – #RSCEdu Poster

#RSCPoster moved to LinkedIn this year – I am not sure it carried the same immediacy and conversation that it had on Twitter but that is probably the nature of the platform. Anyway it was nice to see a range of posters in the #RSCEdu category. I presented a poster sharing our recent publication on 10 Guiding Principles for Learning in the Chemistry Laboratory. The Poster image AltText is below the image.

“What can we learn from the last decade of research about designing & teaching chemistry laboratory curricula?”

We’ve compiled 10 Guiding Principles for Learning in the Chemistry Laboratory.

For details with examples of implementation in practice from all over the world, see: Michael K. Seery, Hendra Y. Agustian, Frederik V. Christiansen, Bente Gammelgaard, & Rie H. Malm (2024), 10 Guiding principles for learning in the laboratory. Chemistry Education Research and Practicedx.doi.org/10.1039/D3RP00245D

  1. Accessible environments: Create laboratory environments that are accessible and conducive to learning.
  2. Coherence in teaching: Ensure coherence with intended learning goals among all involved in teaching laboratory classes.
  3. Facilitate preparation: Incorporate pre-laboratory activities so that students can prepare for learning in a complex environment.
  4. Role of dialogue: Design scenarios to promote dialogue.
  5. Safety and sustainability: Include tangible opportunities for students to learn about safe and sustainable practices.
  6. Facilitate group activity: Model modern scientific work practices through facilitation of group and interdisciplinary work.
  7. Teaching scientific method: Embed opportunities for creativity and open experimentation.
  8. Appropriate assessment for task: Implement a variety of assessment types to align with intended learning goals.
  9. Continuous role of feedback: Establish common feedback protocols so students can use feedback to inform their work.
  10. Showcase professional learning: Provide a mechanism by which students can document and showcase their learning.

More details: https://lablearning.ku.dk/
Research funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation: Grant NNF 18SA0034990