Contact and requests for activity


Requests for academic activity

I am lucky to receive a steady supply of requests to talk, write references, conduct reviews, undertake research degree examinations, and be an external examiner. Due to pressures on time I am only able to agree to a limited number of these, and only when the focus strongly overlaps my own interests. For 2024, due to focussing on some major ongoing projects, time available for external academic activity will be severely limited.

Consultancy opportunities

My consultancy activity usually focusses on curriculum design, policy scoping and formation, transformation projects, and specialist research activity. I typically work on a single project at a time so that I can give it appropriate attention. If you have potential consultancy activities, please email me in advance so that we can discuss timelines.

References requests

For reference requests, if you would like me to write a reference for you, please discuss with me in advance. I put a lot of work into writing references, and in general I am only able to agree to write references for those whose work I know intimately, or whose research area strongly overlaps with my own. University reference requirements are often too complex to navigate otherwise.