Blogging Chemistry Education

Education in Chemistry launched their new blog earlier this year and the editorial staff there were good (brave?) enough to give me a platform to post articles on the theme of chemistry education. There are at least three posts per month and today I posted my 10th article—see links below. If you haven’t seen the blog yet, do have a look—there are guest articles by others including Dr Kristy Turner’s “Do subject specialist teachers matter?” and Dr Keith Taber’s “Ignoring the research and getting the science wrong“—both of which should be of interest to Irish educators as we discuss what and how we do things at secondary level. There’s a healthy discussion both in the blog comments and in the Education in Chemistry LinkedIn group.

My 10 articles are:

  1. Some thoughts on implementing the flipped classroom – this generated a lot of discussion!
  2. Some suggestions for preparing screencasts – a how-to article on using screencasts.
  3. An opinion piece on the value/impact of innovations in teaching.
  4. A blogroll of other great chemistry education blogs.
  5. An article with a video on using back issues of Education in Chemistry and Chemistry World for student generated posters.
  6. An article on some clever web-apps that allow the reuse of existing web-video content with your own emphasis.
  7. A conference report on the New Perspectives in Science Education meeting.
  8. An post following up the CPD article on chemical bonding in EiC.
  9. An opinion piece on where the impetus for integrating innovative practice in teaching lies.
  10. A conference report on the 9th Irish Variety in Chemistry Education meeting held in DIT on 6th May 2014.

Lots more to come!