#Chemed Links this week

Links are now compiled on a rolling basis on scoopit – you can see them there are they are added. This week I added:

  • Amended the iPad app list to include “goREACT” – an interactive periodic table where you can react elements together. Based on an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago.
  • Learning styles persist, despite being debunked – here’s a useful article.
  • Was reminded of my article on Constructivism in Chemistry, and since writing that found Keith Taber’s work (including a free chapter download) to be very useful and informative.
  • Interesting article on GCSE coursework that might be of interest to chemistry teachers including those meeting at this weekend’s ChemEd Ireland at LIT.
  • Similarly, a nice article on role of Public Analyst, with some interesting case studies.
  • A nice wiki showing students’ contributions to building up some fundamentals of a periodic table.
  • David Read has attacked a beast of a paper (in a good way) on chemical bonding in textbooks highlighting the main findings for practitioners.