“Education in Chemistry” (@RSC_EiC) heading to Irish schools

See letter below from Karen Ogilvie, Editor of Education in Chemistry. Keep an eye out for your copy, and if you are a chemistry teacher who doesn’t get a copy, let them know so they can correct the address.


EiC in Ireland

Education in Chemistry

Dear chemistry teachers in Ireland,

From 11 September 2013, Education in Chemistry, the flagship chemistry education magazine from the Royal Society of Chemistry, will be available for the first time in all secondary schools, colleges and university teaching departments in Ireland. Education in Chemistry actively supports innovative teaching and sharing best practice.  Please look out for your copy and join our community.

You can sign up for our e-alert http://rsc.org/e-alertand have new issues sent directly to your inbox and visit our website www.rsc.org/eic  for lots more chemistry education information.

In this issue:

  • News – Variety in Chemistry Education conference, National Teaching fellowships and the OU’s new online laboratory.
  • Regulars – include the hidden devil of phosphorus, demonstrating the polarity of solvents using a microwave oven and the problem of doping in athletics.
  • Features – empowering students to learn in flipped lectures, the science of sorting waste materials, a breakthrough in atmospheric science and discovering the deadly chemistry hidden in mushrooms.
  • Opinion – Robert Parker on celebrating the past and supporting the future of chemistry education.

You will also receive a copy of The Mole – the magazine for students and those inspired to dig deeper into chemistry. Students can read the online version at www.rsc.org/TheMole– this investigates the sumptuous chemistry of chocolate, joining in with the Global Experiment, exploring the chemistry of alien atmospheres and finding out what it takes to be a chemical engineer.

I would like to welcome all of you as new readers and look forward to your contributions in the future.

Best wishes

Karen J Ogilvie, editor – Education in Chemistry

PS – if you think your school has not received its copy of Education in Chemistry, please contact me eic@rsc.org