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The last post described the AHEAD Conference Flipped Lecture presentation, which was itself a flipped lecture. Participants were asked to watch a video in advance of the conference and then the conference session itself discussed the themes emerging from that pre-lecture presentation. AHEAD have published the conference presentation, so if you want to watch the chaos unfold…

One of the nice things about using this method is that I was able to integrate comments from other educators made on the preparatory blog post into the conference presentation, which are now immortalised on this presentation… Circles within circles…

5 thoughts on “Flipped Conference Presentation Video Online

  1. Well done Michael – excellent presentation – I am envious of the work of the Chemistry teachers in DIT – your focus on the learning is outstanding – really impressed with the model and the true mark of a professional is to leave us wanting more!! Flipping the lecture will no doubt put a little bit of pressure on problem based learning which is my favoured pedagogy. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Barry,

    Many thanks. I’ve spoken to a few PBL-ers who are thinking about using this approach to inform students about some content that they can then use with in-class PBL sessions. I know this isn’t “pure” PBL, but that sounded a sensible approach to me!

    Hope all is well,

  3. Michael – this looks like it went well “flipped” + “turn to your neighbour”. Impressive.

    I think the “unit cost reduction” comment was mine – not a management perspective – en engineers perspective. This is what we teach our students to do in engineering and what we should do in our own work.

    We (moocs4all.eu) are doing a flipped workshop at EDEN2015 and I’ve got quite a few tips from this. I’ll show it to the team members.

    As a response to some of the comments on the difficulties it should be said that the way we are doing it already, even in interactive lectures, still has much the same problems. HAving the videos to listen to carefully, to be able to replay and to have for exam prep, is in itself, an improvement.

    Also, even though this may not always suit less interested students it is no worse than the alternatives.

    I agree with your observation that we should be concerned that the current dominant methods are not suitable for good students.

    Keep up the good work.


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