iPad Apps for Chemistry Education and Other Weekly Links

I put out a call for useful apps for chemistry education yesterday and these came in.* If you have any more ideas, let me know and I will add them.

  • New: goREACT – an interactive periodic table where you can react elements together. Based on an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago
  • ChemDraw – very useful and easy way to draw pretty structures on iPad. Intuitive to use.
  • Merck periodic table
  • Socrative – Clicker type app. There’s a teacher version and a student version. Limited to 50 students. Responseware similar but requires subscription.
  • Evernote, Notability, iDo Pro, Explain everything, iAnnotate, Show Me – useful for writing/annotating/recording video.
  • Idocea – teacher organiser

Other links this week:*

Thanks to @doc_kristy, @STEMPedR, @sdb, @S_J_Lancaster, @tinaoverton, @walshmarie, @marksmithers, @RSC_EiC, @ChemistryWorld, @simonpbates, @RSC_Science