Periodic Table of Videos

This is a really wonderful resource from the University of Nottingham. There is a video for each element showing its reactivity (or not), with demonstrations and insight into the underlying chemistry. The real star of the show is the wonderful Prof Martyn Poliakoff, below.

Prof Martyn Poliakoff
Image of Prof Poliakoff from the Periodic Table of Videos site

He offers in his unique way, insight into each of the elements, and now into a host of other issues about chemistry. His easy style makes the videos addictive viewing. There is a twitter stream and a Facebook page too. I’ve embedded one of my favourite videos below, and the others can be viewed on the Periodic Table of Videos site (or via their Youtube site). Prof Poliakoff will be speaking in Dublin as part of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Eva Philbin Lecture Series in Cork, Dublin and Galway, 23 – 25 March.