Planning for Journal Club #2

Several people expressed an interest in being involved in a journal club. I’m not quite sure how a journal club works, but I suppose, using a book club analogy, something is proposed in advance, it’s read, and we share comments on what we think. I think to be useful, commentary focussed on the topic of the paper and its implementation in practice is most beneficial. So to keep some momentum, I’m planning that the next paper to look at is Tina Overton’s nice piece of work on student approaches to open ended problem solving (freely available on the CERP website).

I will aim to post my thoughts on it in the coming days, and then will leave comments open for a week if you want to add thoughts. If it takes off, and there is a bit of interest, I’m happy to move to an independent space outside my website. But I will keep it here for the moment until that happy day. In the meantime I welcome suggestions for journal articles. For a broad church, I am leaning towards articles of a general nature that are accessible to educators generally.