Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures

Prompted by my visit to Edinburgh next week to the “More Effective Lectures” workshop, I have compiled several blog posts and bits and pieces of other writing into a Resource Pack that I hope might be useful to other practitioners entitled: “Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures“. The resource is a PDF file and is available at this link: Podcasting and Screencasting for Supporting Lectures or click on the image below. The resource covers:

  • Introduction to the use of podcasts/screencasts in education
  • Overview of the design of e-resources
  • Tips for preparing podcasts and screencasts
  • Tools of the trade: Audacity, Camtasia and Articulate
  • Using SCORM compatibility
  • Publishing a podcast series to iTunes

2 thoughts on “Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures

  1. Great article. I use all of the products listed with varying degrees of success. I use screencasts/podcasts in my math classes. I have inverted the classroom; students watch the screencast prior to coming to class and we use class time for them to work “homework” problems.



    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. I like your idea, especially for something like maths, where the learning is probably in the doing. I hope to revise the article in the future and incorporate any suggestions etc, so that’s one to include!


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