Showing hints in Blackboard Quizzes


A previous post showed how to include hints and worked examples in quiz questions in the now old Blackboard, BB 8. With the new Blackboard 9, is this still possible?

It seems the hint option (i.e. an alert box) still works. Including the code shown below using the HTML editor option,  a button is included in the question text:

<form name="myform">
<p>(This is the Question text)What is the answer to 1 + 23</p>
<p><input type="button" value="Hint" onclick="alert('This is a hint')" /></p>

Note that the question text can be subsequently edited. The hint text “This is a hint” in the above code then appears as a popup alert (the box will resize to accommodate more text):

hint text


This allows for primitive hinting – it is difficult to include more detailed information in this template.

With that in mind, the worked example option detailed in the previous post, which opens a new window with pre-prepared HTML file hint pre-loaded onto blackboard is more tempting. Unfortunately, this javascript is decoded by Blackboard, so it doesn’t work. But it is of course possible to insert a simple URL.

2 thoughts on “Showing hints in Blackboard Quizzes

  1. Hmm I’m confused. At the end of the article you say that it does not work, but then you say its simple to make it work?

    1. Hello Matt,

      Sorry for confusion. This follows on from the previous post using BB8, linked in the article. Essentially I had tried two options. The first, a pop up alert still works, and is simple. The second, a pop out window with an embedded HTML file that has more detail/diagrams, doesn’t unfortunately work in BB9.


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