Toggle Switch in Articulate

I love toggle switches. And I love Articulate. so this is a demo combining these two loves, which shows a “clicking” of a toggle switch to change page. There are lots of potential applications. the font in the demo is My Old Remington, a really beautiful typewriter font. Click on the image to play with the toggle switches – they are addictive!

Adding Articulate Presentation to

Since coming across Articulate a few months ago, I’ve made quite a few presentations and loaded them onto our VLE. But a new project on developing open access resources meant that I needed to host the videos myself. This entry explains how I took my Articulate presentation and loaded it up onto a site I set up. In particular (it took me two days to do what should have been a 5 minute job!), I highlight the pitfalls I came across and how I got around them. The good news is that once you have everything set up, it should…