Three useful things to know about E-portfolios

At the DRHEA E-learning summer school this week, we had a useful session on E-portfolios. The conversation very quickly diverted to discussion about lots of complicated things that I had never considered or worried about.

E-portfolios are simple! I decided to repay the DRHEA sponsored headset costs by making this short video explaining why:

5 thoughts on “Three useful things to know about E-portfolios

  1. Thanks Larry – yes well spotted. Vue (as I am sure you know!) is free for educational use and very easy to use. Edit: sorry to answer your question – it was created in Vue and exported as a jpeg I think…

  2. Really nice video, Michael. You packed a lot of useful info into 2.5 minutes – excellent! Could I view your e-portfolio? It’s something I haven’t done, but certainly see the value in… Thanks.

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