Workshop: Getting published in education

This is one of my most popular workshops and I have been running it in some form since 2013. Its focus is on helping participants publish their scholarship of teaching and learning/education research publication.

This workshop focusses on considering different types of education publication and helping participants choose the type most relevant to them. Different components of a publication are then addressed in turn, and participants work through developing a publication pro-forma, that will guide them in structuring their own writing. Discussion and acitivity is based around examples of different publication sections as well as “good” and “bad” writing approaches. The workshop also considers the publication cycle, submitting work to journals and addressing peer review comments. Participants can either engage with examples provided or bring their own work to use.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify publication types in education and their area of interest and expertise
  • Describe the structural components within publications and how they interrelate
  • Source relevant literature to underpin their writing
  • Draw on approaches to write clear arguments demonstrating evidence and discussion
  • Engage in the peer-review process and address reviewer commentary
  • Showcase their publication to interested networks


This workshop works best when there is at least two hours set aside. Additional time beyond this (can be optional) will be used to allow participants practice some of the techniques described and discuss issues that emerge. The workshop can be facilitated online, with some breakout group activity and individual activity included.